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Why Do I Need Annual AC Inspections?

Annual inspections and tune-up services are the keys to keeping your air conditioning system running optimally and effectively all year. If you need a skilled service team that offers top-quality inspections and custom AC services, you came to the right place.

We rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool and comfortable throughout spring and summer—and often even a bit into the fall. And modern cooling systems are designed to deal with this, somewhat. But can it keep up? Without proper inspections and maintenance, the answer is no.


Air conditioning systems are designed with routine care in mind, just like cars or other larger machines. Without proper maintenance, an air conditioner will begin to wear down—parts go bad, the refrigerant may leak, and your system will cake up with dust and debris.


Annual inspections are designed to account for these problems and deal with them, keeping your system operating reliably and at its best.


By scheduling an inspection, you can benefit from:


- Much lower risk of parts failure or mid-season breakdowns
- Increased energy efficiency, which translates to lower cooling costs
- Extended AC system lifespan
- Protection for your manufacturer warranty
- Higher indoor air quality

- Routine AC inspections and AC maintenance are all about cost prevention and comfort protection. Contact us to schedule your service today!

- When it comes to providing a full evaluation of an air conditioning system, nothing should be neglected. We have streamlined our inspection services so that we cover all of the particulars of your cooling equipment, regardless of what brand or type of cooling equipment you have. Our inspections include:

- Evaluation of vital components (blower motor, AC condenser and compressor, evaporator coils, and more) to ensure proper working order
- Lubrication for moving parts to reduce damaging friction and smooth operation
- Refrigerant check to make certain levels are adequate and that no leaks are present
- Electrical connection inspections to ensure safe and efficient operation
- Airflow inspections to make certain your system is flowing healthily and properly
- Thermostat inspections to check for accurate reads and proper response to input

AC Repair Services


When outdoor temperatures are on the rise, your air conditioning unit is your main source to shield you from the outside heat as the indoor cool air circulates in your dwelling.

We service all brands of central air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces.

The moment your system fails to produce the indoor comfort you know it’s capable of providing, your best bet is to call a CountyWide AC tech for AC repair. Big or small, any air conditioner issue should be addressed. Holding off on a repair to save money could actually be costing you money and atmospheric discomfort!

An inefficient system is often a symptom of failing components. Get your AC / furnace system checked and fixed now before the problems cascade into larger, more expensive ones.

When Do I Need AC Repair?

Your air conditioning unit can share some indicators of when it needs service. As you begin to sense an issue with your AC, keep an eye out for some of these symptoms:

- Producing Hot, Unconditioned Air
- Losing Efficiency
- High or Increasing Cost on Utility Bill
- House not warming up or cooling when the system is on
- The AC system comes on and off too frequently
- In-Home Humidity
- Loud Noises

Although not an exhaustive list of indicators, it’s an essential starting point in acknowledging a problem with your air conditioning unit. Whether within this list or outside of it, any emerging issues with your unit should qualify for an AC repair.

When to Repair or Replace Your Central Air Conditioning

Is your central air conditioner…


- More than 8 years old?

It could be operating much less efficiently than modern units. A new air conditioner can help you save on your utility bill. And one reasonable monthly payment may be lower than continuous service calls for the old one.


- More than 15 years old?

Repairs are often more expensive and more recurrent. This is due to parts wearing out and R22 refrigerant being eliminated. Also known as Freon, this cooling chemical is considered one of the worst offenders in ozone deficiency. Newer units are cooled by Puron, which has an ozone depletion rating of zero. It also performed slightly better on energy-efficiency tests than R22. Because Freon is being eliminated from the market, Freon replacement has become prohibitively expensive to replace.

Ready to get a new air conditioning system? The experts at County Wide AC have you covered from start to finish. We’ll help you determine which quality system is right for your home—and spending plan—including energy-efficient and high-efficiency models.

Find out how affordable it can be to proactively replace your AC system now.

Save on Cooling with an Energy-Efficient Central Air Conditioner
You can trust our experience when it comes to installing a new cooling system.
We also warranty our new installs.

Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?


When you’re met with an expensive repair for your heat pump, it may be time to replace it.


Your heat pump may need to be replaced when it:

- Isn’t providing adequate heating and cooling
- Needs regular repairs
- Is driving up utility bills, even though you haven’t adjusted thermostat settings
- Is more than 10 years old

We like to sleep well at night knowing our customers are also sleeping well in their comfortable home.

We take pride in the standards that we set for our service. Our team believes in producing quality work that will keep your home and business comfortable for years to come. You can get in touch with us over the phone or by filling out a contact form. We look forward to getting your AC unit up and running again!



HVAC License #: TACLB006073E

CountyWide AC is here to meet any and all of your air conditioning and heating needs.

Give us a call for any or all of the listed services.


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